About the Author

Richard W, Spisak Jr., Poet, Dramatist, Essayist, Story – Teller, Artist

Writing, drawing, learning music as a young student Richard began writing seriously at fourteen. School Newspaper, Yearbook, and voraciously reading. During his high school years he began his multimedia career in earnest. Studying for several years with Mel Tanner at his performance light theatre “Lumonicscomedy for He found an opportunity to use these mixed media skills when he found a Light Show troupe at the first college he attended. The Planetarium at Broward Community College played host to a Light Show from Michigan called “Eye-See the Light Show”.

Two artists from Michigan ran EStLS Tom and Fred. They would later reappear in the Light Show universe when they later offered Richard the responsibilities of Laser Artist with their new project Laser Productions of Miami. Later while working at the Miami Space Transit Planetarium he was hired as a light show artist by Doctor of Lumia, Kenvin Lyman of Dazzleland Studios. Mr. Lyman had earned his Doctorate in Lumia from the Sorbonne. He had learned about the ancient honorable history of LIGHT as a performance media. He shared with me the fact that there were LIGHT SHOW artists who accompanied Mozart performances when the master played his own work. Later he worked with Laser Images of Van Nuys, CA and was for a longtime part of the creative team with Tom Harman’s Laser Productions.


Shortly after earning his broadcast engineering license, and putting it to work as a volunteer broadcast engineer at WDNA FM. A few years later he began writing radio comedy for WLRN FM in Miami. Writing, Directing and producing a SCI-FI radio comedy called Martian Ambassador and the Captured Chorus. This extended into 15 years of writing radio comedy with the radio comedy group Pandemonium, led by William Kelley and Gary Wilson. Then Richard hired on at Video City Production Studios where he was trained as a Video Editor. Returning to the touring multimedia world, Richard was later hired on as Technical Producer and Production Designer for PACE CONCERTS.

A life long interest in anthropology has led to research in mental development and comparative religion. His interest has been augmented by anthropological studies and field research. Working at North American Biological labs in their Neurological Research facility Richard built prototypes for a new generation of Neural Stimulators. Technology that dramatically expanded the capability of neuro-stimulator technology. Neuro-stimulators are used to overcome certain nervous system disorders. His bookshelves had already been heavy with books on neurocellular chemistry, neural anatomy and consciousness.

Dissastisfied with the literature he found in mental states he decided to do his own field research interviewing Yogis, Psychics, Astrologers and Healers. Richard has studied theory and technique. This work has brought him in contact with an amazing universe of belief systems and theory. The range of human belief systems literally as broad as the cosmos, and he has tried to learn a little in every encounter regardless of its apparent irrationality . Richard was married in 1970 to his high school sweetheart, with whom he has had three lovely children. He has had the additional great good fortune to have been given two grandchildren so far and has been greatly blessed by the good heartedness of many wise and generous souls. Benefactors too numerous to mention. Although a few brothers and sisters who have greatly assisted in my work deserve special credit for their many kindnesses. My soul brothers Double A, and Ray of Light. Who have made my journeys richer by their open hearts. But above all, my greatest thanks belongs to the love of my life and my editor the talented and compassionate Linda Evans Spisak, who single handedly helped make this book be a far more comprehensible work.
Thanks Honey.

I hope these stories bring a smile and a little wisdom. AUMGN HA!
A few stories collected along the way I share, in the hope that they shed a little light.

Richard W. Spisak Jr.
Hobe Sound, FL