The Love Song of Godzilla and Mothra

                                                                                 By RW Spisak


the set is built
and the tray is set before you
oh hungry kings and royal diadomed queens
earth-rulers all as you listen /ignore the music of the tiny tiny twins

stage hands sculpt the city…

boxes are brought out. The shrunken windows sqiunt skyward
as the deep ones rumble

Sing oh tiny twins sing

Tower over the tiny city oh my dinosaur

Beat beat thy wings, oh my moth of many miracle

Raised up by the drama from the shakings of the land awake oh awake

Sleepy lizard from the depths – brought forth by foolish man scraping dinner from the sea
Revealing the lost eggs of potential

With thy feath’ry wings shalt thou pulse the sky sending tiny toyotas tumbling as my dread scales scar another sky scraper steely skin.

With the lost limbs of leviathan and leathery length lumbring past powered lines than tumble tear

Listen low for those tiny voices calling eggtime tides turn to catepillar crawl carving caves of seascapes weeping fast foam folly

The catepillar comes churning sea lanes changing and many legs paddling and pulling torpedo path

Can I bend thy hard hide or flake the scaly skin with my gentle wings aflame …. Continued